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My Library of Police Prep Courses goes far beyond what you learn from the free department study guides. My in-depth tutorials focus on each subject using insightful, multimedia presentations. I use the very latest in eLearning technology to deliver hundreds of randomized practice questions like the examples shown below. Your learning will be faster and more enjoyable. Finally, I provide personal, one-on-one support when you have questions.


Free Practice Exam

  • Enjoy this short demonstration the quality of the tutorials prepared for each subject
  • Take the free practice questions to experience the in-depth feedback
  • Imagine hundreds of these questions randomly presented for EACH subject area!
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Insightful Tutorials

  • High Scoring Tips and Strategies for  ...
    • Logical Reasoning & Problem Solving
    • Arithmetic Reasoning
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Writing Clarity, Spelling & Vocab
    • Police Incident Report Writing
    • Visualization and Memorization
    • Situational Judgement Testing
  • Clear, Animated Answer Explanations


Huge Quiz Center

  • Hundreds of Practice Questions
  • Beautifully Presented
  • Enjoy some Humor and Action
  • Instant Feedback
  • In-depth Answer Explanations
  • Practice Quizzes with No Time Limit
  • Timed Quizzes Prove you are Ready
  • Questions Randomly Presented
  • No Repetition - 1000's of Combinations
  • The Real Deal: Complete 2 hour Exams 


Bonus Courses

  • Best Practices: Job Search and Application
  • Tips for the Personality Assessment
  • Mastering the Polygraph
  • Mastering the Psych Exam
  • Mastering the Oral Interview

Personalized Support

  • I will personally help you
  • Expert coaching and guidance
  • Email me any questions, 24X7